Eat, Sleep, And Celebrate Cricket—Cricket Trophies For All Your Needs!

If you are in need of cricket awards, look no further than Trophies & Gifts! We provide large and small—bronze and gold cricket trophies. Perfect for tournament awards, end-of-season celebrations, and to celebrate the winning team.

Standard Athletic Trophies Just Won’t Do—Cricket Bats, Balls, And More!

Standard athletic trophies just won’t do! We offer sport-specific trophies that feature cricket bats and balls—that way it is easily to see determine the recipient’s sport of choice.

Display Your Game Ball

If the game ball went home with you, you might be looking for somewhere to display it—look no further than our cricket ball display trophy!

Order For The Entire Team

Order your cricket trophies now, and make sure that everyone from your MVPs to up-and-coming players enjoy the recognition that they deserve.

Personalise Your Cricket Trophies With Free Engraving

Our trophies come standard with blank nameplates that can be engraved as you wish. Add the name of the recipient, the type of award received—or any other relevant information to commemorate the award. Our free engraving comes standard with our athletic awards.

We Deliver To UK Cricket Teams

Our goal is to make things easy, which is why we offer free delivery for UK cricket teams who place orders for £150 or more. We are happy to provide delivery for smaller orders, with a fair delivery charge. Standard orders are shipped or delivered in 3 to 5 business days. We are happy to ship our cricket awards to international cricket teams; applicable shipping prices apply. Trophies & Gifts provides trophies, medals, awards, and personalized gifts for athletics, special occasions, and corporate events. Take a look now to see for yourself!