Glass Awards and Trophies
Trophies & Gifts brings you a collection of glass trophies and awards to reward and recognize individuals, teams, and organizations. You can award employees, volunteers, sponsors, teams, organizations, and companies for the valuable achievements and contributions they make. Presentation of glass awards can be as heart-warming an experience for the recipients as the presenters. If you are considering awarding employees or teams and organizations, glass awards and trophies come in handy. At Trophies & Gifts, we feature different types and styles of glass awards. We also design and make custom glass awards for your occasion or event or specific use.

Variety of custom glass awards
At Trophies & Gifts UK, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to awards. Our range of glass awards offers you various trophy designs and styles from the clear glass to coloured glass to jade to diamonds. You can select from the wide collection of glass designs, shapes, and sizes.

A customized glass award is the best gift you can give to your employees for their stunning performance or your team for winning a tournament. Our artistic glass awards are accented in rich colours from blues, deep purples, reds, and other hues. You can also have glass awards that come in mix of mediums like pairing beautiful clear glass with wood, acrylic jade, or metal.

Why choose Trophies & Gifts for your awards?
At Trophies & Gifts UK, we take your journey of awarding individuals, groups, and organizations to the next level. With our unique glass awards, you get the piece that suits your recognition and award purpose. Talk to us or visit our website to sample out our glass awards collection.

Order your customized glass plaques and awards from us for the best reward experience for your employees, team members, or family members and friends. We want you to save money when buying glass awards from us – get free deliveries for orders above £150.